Every horse is a lucky horse that gets to spend the night at Beaver Hollow Farm!


Wilbur and Cheryl Beavers started Beaver Hollow Farm, Inc. in their dreams long before it came to be in August 1991.  Cheryl always dreamed of having a farm where she could rescue stray cats and dogs and nurture them back to good health.  Wilbur, on the other hand, has been around horses all of his life and it was a dream come true when he and Cheryl purchased the land on Woodpecker Road.

Kim, their daughter, has loved horses since the time she was born.  Constantly in trouble at school for daydreaming about horses, her dream came true when Wilbur and Cheryl purchased her a horse for Christmas when she was 13.  They boarded at a local boarding facility and this is when the drive to own their "own" boarding facility went in full gear.

Why choose Beaver Hollow Farm?

We've been boarding horses now for many years and have heard horror stories from clients about how their horses were treated (or not!).  We want you to know that your horse(s) will be treated with the exact same love and care that we give our own personal horses.  

Trail Riding
Join us on a beautiful trail ride through Pocahontas State Park!


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